All parts unless noted are designed by Stever-Tech. All files hosted locally.

Durable AR15 clamshell reciever

An extremley durable AR15 clamshell type reciever.
Can be abused without breaking, can withstand hundreds of rounds of 50 Beowulf with no signs of deterioration present. Has survived 2000 rounds of 5.56 with no damage. Assembly Instructions incuded in download.

Glock 43 9rnd ETS mag conversion

A near fullsize Glock 43 that takes 9 round ETS mags that are flush fit. Magazine angle is also changed to prevent james with ETS magazines.
500 rounds tested so far with the frame printed in ABS.

Hi Power Magazine anti tilt Follower

Didn't like how the mec gar follower could be tilted fully sideways in the magazine. So I fixed that. If the follwer is somewhat tight in inglis mags, this is normal it doesn't affect functionality.
Added bonus:
Gain +1 capacity for Mec-Gar magazines (16 rnds).
Gain +2 capacity for Inglis magazines (15 rnds).
Gain 0 capacity for 10 rnd California magazines (may gain +1, can not confirm or deny this).

Glock 43/48 that Utilizes Hi-Power Magazines.

Two versions of the frame, one for the Glock 43 slide and one for the Glock 48 slide, lower uses Glock 43 parts. Print in ABS with a .5mm nozzle, .2mm layer hieght, 40mm/s, 4 walls, solid infill, and 101% extrusion.

Mag release requires a 4-40 x 1/8 screw, head should be facing inside the magwell. If the magazine does not engage the mag release file the bottom or top of the screw head until it does.

Grip panels must be welded with MEK, do not use acetone! To apply the grip panel on straight utilize the 3mm and 4mm bits that came with your SS80 kit.

Trigger module hump must be welded with MEK, it is not required, but is included for completeness sake.

Magazines require slight modification, dremel required, see image.

Tested 300 rounds each of FMJ and JHP without failure, more testing will be needed.

Will be making an updated version that uses P226 and CZ75 magazines when time permits. Will only require a swap out of the mag release.